Saying goodbye to trends

We’re usually quite occupied with what’s coming into fashion that we rarely stop to say goodbye to the things we’ll be seeing less of. Although we very much believe that if something looks good, it looks good regardless of time and trends it’s important to see where design is taking us. So today we’re looking at the trends 2021 has said goodbye to.

Sequel Paddington Pink (200x100mm) Alusid Clerkenwell recycled tiles
Sequel Paddington Pink (200x100mm)

Millenial Pink

It’s official, the pale dusty pink that took over much of 2015 and beyond is now dated. Although the delicate shade still offers a comfortable balance between formality and familiarity, it has slowly been stepping aside to make way for the new pastel in town – Neo-Mint.

Subway tiles

Although the classic subway tile will always have a home, it has recently fallen out of favour due to its skinny format cousin and the sheer quantity of patterned squares and hexagons to choose from.

Terrazzo tile

Shock! Despite the trend for confetti surfaces, terrazzo appears to be on the out. The playful coloured chips, natural neutrals, and easy to install imitation of this long loved surface are no longer enough. The world is looking for something else to fill this speckled void.

White wash

Despite the pandemic having millions searching for sterility, being confined to the home creates the opposite effect in interior design. The home now needs to be comforting, not empty and stale. Minimalism is out, and so is the plain white on white it encourages.

Greys and cool neutrals

Alongside the move away from white is the move away from any cool-toned neutrals whatsoever. Despite Pantone’s colour of the year offering us a shade of grey, and despite Tile of Spain celebrating greys in their trend report, it appears Dulux had a little more insight into the minds of homeowners with their choice of Brave Ground. Warm neutrals are where it’s at, succeeding in both calming a space and wrapping it in a warm hug.

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, June 2021.

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