Ramona Paloma Tile Studio

A studio born of friendship, Ramona Paloma crafts delight and whimsy fresh from clay. Despite having lived virtually parallel lives for many years, it wasn’t until 1998 when studio founders Tracy and Soozee first met and bonded over a shared love of art.

Beginning with jewellery, a surprising forray into tiled pet-feeding-tables for a charity auction led them towards the welcoming, charming arms of ceramics. After finding suitable clay and glazes, Ramona Paloma Studios was born in February 2010 in Sierra Madre, California.

Taking inspiration from day-to-day life, dog walks, and joy, each piece is unique. Depicting humorous animals from cats to flamingoes, scenes and quotes emphasise the sweet and the silly.

Each piece is hand made with love and enthusiasm using traditional Cuerda Seca. Custom tiles are offered whether they are adapted from standard designs or made entirely personalised. Otherwise their cheerful ceramic tiles can be found on Etsy.

Ramona Paloma Tile Studio
Ramona Paloma Etsy Shop

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