Curious Covid Creations

These curious commemorative Covid Relief Tiles from New York Tilemakers may seem a strange response to the pandemic, but despite their likeness to the virus they are actually quite lovely.

Made of glazed earthenware, and using the same process the Tilemakers use for their other tiles, two forms of these Covid-inspired creations are offered – the tiles (8″ to 9” in diameter) and the standing memory holders (9” diameter and 4” in height).

Initially created in May of last year, the collection is now bursting with unique, curved, covid themed tiles. Their uses are up to the consumer, whether they serve as a reminder of the pandemic years, or simply as an abstract sculpture.

All pieces are handmade in Long Island City, Queens, NYC, with a few utilising mixed media for varied looks.

The New York Tilemakers

Check out the fabulous Brooklyn mural from The New York Tilemakers here.

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, August 2021.

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