Crossville Collects Interior Trends

Trend content alert! Following on from 2022 colour predictions from Sherwin-Williams we have some full-blown tiling trends collected from Crossville. These four main areas have been highlighted by Crossville’s Vice President of Marketing Lindsey Waldrep to give us a little look at what’s hot and getting hotter.

Bright and Bold

Over the past few years we’ve had colour explosions, maximalism, and mix and match patterns, and now they’re all huddled together in a Bright and Bold way. Leaning towards a 70s aesthetic, optimistic and nostalgic shades blend amongst playful patterns, tactile textures, and multiple materials.

Bohemian Spirit

Going hand-in-hand with 70s revival, the earthy, organic, calming boho vibe is back in a big way. Soft shades, enticing patterns and natural materials create hopeful hippie homes that make the most of detailed accents, relaxing colours, and a look perfectly balanced between understated and over the top.


A perfect partner to boho chic, our love of bringing the outdoors in has only grown stronger after over a year of lockdown limbo. Whether it’s natural imagery, refreshing touches of green, grounding touches of earthy shades, or houseplants galore, going big with the nature vibes is the way to style.

Touch Points

Textured tiles have been huge for years, and our love of tactile surfaces isn’t going anywhere. Whether it’s unusual 3D elements or the imperfections that come with handmade pieces, tiling in the 2020s is all about texture.


A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, September 2021.

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