The Antique Floor Company

There is little better than reclaimed tile. Enjoying the beauty of a fantastically crafted specimen, getting an injection of invaluable history, and helping to save the planet all at the same time? Who doesn’t want that? Nobody, that’s who. That’s why we’re sharing another company bringing the beauty of reclaimed tile to the masses.

Boch Freres Art Nouveau floor – early 20th century
Boch Freres Border tiles 1900

The Antique Floor Company was started by Philip Marr 12 years ago and specialises in carefully lifted flooring from properties all over Western Europe. Each piece is meticulously restored at their Burgundy warehouse, taking pains to remove all traces of mortar and dirt to ensure the tiles are ready to install in their new home.

French Damier ceramic tiles – wheat and black

Many pieces are from the 19th and 20th century including decorative border pieces and carreaux de ciments floors. For something even more special, a range of rare tiles from heritage producers can also be found, including Boch Freres, Sinzig, and Perusson.

Sinzig panel in a warm palette 1896
French ceramic Perrusson floor

Priceless patina and pieces that last, many of the company’s tiles were made the old fashioned way, pouring the slip a third of the depth of the tile guaranteeing colour for decades to come despite wear and tear. Satisfying our curiosity, each collection of tiles comes with its written history, as well as any antique catalogue entries found of the designs.

The Antique Floor Company

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