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Celebrating ten years of collaboration between Mutina and Studio Bouroullec is Ensemble. Refreshing company classics Pico and Rombini, introducing the new collections of Punto and Bloc, as well as a bringing Pico Bois which explores a new medium, Ensemble is a mish-mash with style.

These diverse, but well matched, collections demonstrate the journey of Mutina, the versatility of ceramics, and the value in variety. The softly, spotted texture of Pico welcomes the natural richness of Argile, a gentle, earthy shade.

The 3D Rombini triangles in Large and Small are now complemented by an Extra Small format and a royal gloss selection of shades (Blanc, Gris, Rose, Vert, and Brun).

A Lego-like 3D dotted Punto offers wall decor in a raised or sunken design. A range of shades ensure they can easily mix and mingle with the rest of Ensemble, or form a gorgeous feature on their own.

Perfectly perforated bricks Bloc are created by extrusion. Ideal for statement separations, architectural features, and decorative structures, these gorgeous cubes come in five neutral shades in Matt and Glossy finishes.

Pico Bois is something entirely different. Taking cues from the spotted surface of Pico, Pico Bois is Mutina’s first wooden floor. Blue and red dots are pressed into the material for added texture whilst the playing with the wood grain.

The stunning earthy palette and variety of textures and materials is a fabulous Ensemble, making incredible spaces with layers of personality.

Studio Bouroullec

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