Tile Addict’s Top 10 Favourite Tiles

Today marks our 1,000th post! That’s a heck of a lot of tiles enjoyed and shared and to celebrate we’ve selected our top ten favourites. From little to large, mass made to uniquely artisan and in no particular order we’re bringing a broad spectrum of weird and wonderful design delights!

1. Diverge by Aimee Munro for Kaza Concrete

Five textured tile designs in a Bauhaus style and numerous colours create a huge number of intriguing and unusual interior spaces. Varying in relief and tone the individual elements can be mixed and matched to incredible effect.

2. Blue Azteca from Jatana Interiors

Inspired by a bag found at an artisan market in Laos, the striking combination of mustard yellow and dusty aqua never fails to delight. The unusual pattern, with central zig zagging, formed triangles, and squares plays with size and layout to produce something unforgettably beautiful.

3. Brasilia from Popham Design

Featuring a lot in the bathrooms of our Instagram game ‘this or that?’, these mix and match tiles have a joyful presence we’d love to share. Semi-circles, lines, and triangles mingle together to create unusual patterns and mazes.

4. Araldica by Federico Pepe for CEDIT

We’ve mentioned this collection a lot. It’s so wildly striking and fantastically psychedelic that it’s the first tile that comes to mind when thinking of memorable design. The colourways and varying simplicity of decor make for incredible statement features that speak for themselves.

5. Color Art from Aleluia Cerรขmicas

The simplicity of design mixed with striking colour hcoices and the detail of brushstrokes helps land Color Art amongst our favourites. Fresh and disinctive the look is rich by not overpowering.

6. Birds in Trees from Smoke & Fire Tiles

Individually made with fused glass decors in the shapes of birds and leaves, these incredible tiles are what dream are made of. Each piece is an artwork in and of itself, but when laid together as a splashback or feature, true magic is made.

7. Archรฉ range by Mario Montanari for Katyโ€™s Line

These tiles are really in a league of their own, and honestly are more art than tile. Etruscan inspired designs details with gold and depicting ancient scenes look fresh off an archaeological dig, with all the old world charm you would expect.

8. Tiffany Dots from Otto Tiles & Design

The awesome contrast of black and white and tiffany green has an unmistakable presence. Both striped and dotted, these encuastic tiles are suited for statements. Though they may not be for everybody and every space, their bold style is something to admire.

9. Levantine from Tabarka Studio

Shaped terracotta and coloured accent details have Levantine fixed firmly in our minds. A wide variety of colour combinations are availble, but it’s the natural burnt orange terracotta tones contrasted against greens and whites that really stand out.

10. Medley from Emilgroup brand Ergon

The colourful pop of this terrazzo-look collection has cemented it in our minds since May of last year. Large chips, rounded chips, a soft concrete finish, and a range of unique pastel shades makes Medley incredibly inviting.

What are some of your favourites?

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