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Imitating a charming selection of handmade tiles Mainzu‘s Bolonia collection is one worth sharing.

Bolonia Blanco, Bolonia Blue, Bolonia Cotto, and Medievo Deco (200x200mm)

Four base colours (Blanco, Blue, Ocre, and Cotto) each present a rough and ready exterior, with shade variation and scuff marks adding to their faux-aged appeal. Four decors are offered alongside these base colours, each of which is entirely distinct and holding their own decorative merits.

Miramonte Deco (200x200mm)

Solferino’s mini floral still life artworks depict quaint scenes framed with a textured vignet. Miramonte’s repeating roses are a tiled take on an old fashioned favourite with a traditional patterned fabric look.

Bolonia Blanco and Solferino Deco (200x200mm)
Bolonia Blanco, Bolonia Cotto, and Socarrat Deco (200x200mm)

Socarrat and Medievo are mix and match designs with entirely different personalities. Named after a medieval tiling tradition, Socarrat’s style and colours reflect the historic process whilst Medievo utilises a more varied palette and more naive art style.

Bolonia Blue and Medievo Deco (200x200mm)

All pieces come in a 200 by 200mm format with a satin finish, suitable for both floors and walls.

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