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Cyberspace Curiosities

We’ve not been able to get our tile show tile fix for almost two years, meaning we’ve not had the opportunity to write up some of our most beloved posts – our collections of curiosities. But we miss them so we’ve decided to search the internet instead for this, our very own Cyberspace Curiosities.

1) Cracked Earth

Designed by Hugo Bugg for Kaza Concrete, Cracked Earth is a stylised representation of parched earth. The textured look of soaked and dried earth highlights the realities of extreme global weather conditions whilst providing an incredible exterior surface in a variety of colours.

2) WILD: Marigold

With artwork by Daren Magee, these Haustile tiles are a captivating blend of reality and fantasy. The six-eyed tiger has a beautiful subtle texture and simplistic colour palette, emphasising the image for maximum effect.

3) Mareld

These gorgeous tiles by Marie-Louise Hellgren for Marrakech Design take simple strips of dots to create beautiful star-like patterns. In five colours the look is stunning with the handmade tiles paying with imperfect to incredible effect.

4) Abecedari Collection

The alphabet makes a rare decorative appearance in thie collection by LluΓ­s Clotet for Huguet Mallorca. Let the letters speak for themselves, or enjoy the geometric shapes created by their straight and curved lines.

5) Folded

Recreating the effects of folded paper and inspired by the apartments of 50s and 60s Tel Aviv, Folded by Raw Edges for Mutina is a unique, textural experience. Varying levels of depth emphasise the relief of angular, geometric ‘folds’ with light catching and creating shadow in the troughs.

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, January 2022.

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