Heath Ceramics

The Heart of Heath Ceramics

Since 1948 Heath Ceramics have been serving up American made glazed goodies in California. Originally a small-scale pottery ran by Edith & Brian Heath, Heath Ceramics opened its first factory in Sausalito in 1959 and welcomed tile production eight years later.

Photo credit: Bruce Damonte

In 2003 the company was relaunched by Robin Petravic and Catherine Bailey, a couple who have continued to maintain the soul of small-scale production, perfectly blending machine work and craftsmanship, and ensuring output is kept at a level where process and material can be celebrated.

Photo credit: Dan Chavkin

The 60s returns with a collaboration with sculptor Stan Bitters whose rugged clay relief forms are translated to tile with casted recreations of his original work. Other call-backs to decades past can be found in four reintroduced relief tiles that had been unused in the factory for 30 years.

Various glaze mixes, patterns, shapes, and designs feature throughout transforming the raw American clay into an array of delights, with each tile “touched by twelve hands in the process of creation.”

Heath Ceramics

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