Cevisama Curiosities V

There are still curiosities a-plenty to share from Cevisama, with a delightful array of fun and decorative pieces that have yet to be given the spotlight. Codicer is always a winner, with displays that consistantly showcase unique designs and heaps of personality. Their 250 by 250mm Graph collection demonstrates this wonderfully with squiggly mix-and-match patterns with naive strokes. The random, sporadic, cartoon lines have a childish quality but somehow bring forward a sense of style in each of the three colourways – Grey, Aqua, and Pink.

Graph Aqua from Codicer
Graph Grey from Codicer tile trend 2020
Graph Grey from Codicer

Cevica‘s decorative Boom took up rich primary colours and earthy tones. The 140 by 160mm hexagonal hydraulic-look tiles mix-and-match eight designs that have patterns of varying simplicity. Seven colours including Moss, Indian Teal, Snapdragon, and Raw Sienna, each with a notable depth of tone, can be used to complement the decors.

Veneto provided us with many curiosities at last year’s Cersaie, and at Cevisama they presented one design with a delightfully memorable charm. Their stitched patchwork carpet pattern Rug not only stood out for its decorative merits, but also absorbed a few of the trends we saw around the show. This particular design was shown in a panneling format, with a varied-relief listen, and the ‘stitching’ between the carpets not only made reference to weaving, but also featured a shimmer of glitter.

Rug from Veneto
Rug from Veneto tile trend 2020
Rug from Veneto

Pamesa‘s Universe was simple but effective. Rich natural tones in varying shades of green work together with decors that feature only a straight or curved line in white. This design takes a standard set of squares and turns it into a wonderfully modern variation that is definitely worth a mention.

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