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Interior Trends 2022

After Wednesday’s bathroom trends refresh we thought we’d take a little look at what else has been going strong in interior design since the beginning of 2022.

1) Industrial bedrooms

Being a traditionally comfortable space with a cosy, relaxing vibe, an industrial style bedroom may seem like a challenge, and with a 166% increase in Google searches across the UK it looks like people loving the look but are in need of a little inspiration. Mixing plenty of chic storage, characterful surface decor, and fabrics rich with texture stop the space from feeling cold, whilst exposed elements such as pipework or bricks can be duplicated or refashioned into functional items.

2) Modern country kitchen

A love of all things rustic and rural increased dramatically throughout the pandemic as city slickers moved out to the countryside to enjoy the extra space and fresh air. And people are still loving it, with modern country kitchens proving popular.

3) Terracotta bathrooms

Rich burnt orange terracotta tones have won the hearts of many, with Pinterest searches for terracotta bathrooms increasing by 122% by the beginning of Spring. Adding warmth, comfort, and Mediterranean charm, terracotta does a fabulous job of improving bathrooms and the lives of those who own them.

4) Murals

They’ve been all over Instagram and embraced heavily in the BBC’s Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr so it looks like murals are fast becoming an interior favourite. Whether they’re paint, wallpaper, or tile, abstract, realist, or artistic, murals are the new feature wall.

5) Green all over

Green has been big for years and it isn’t going away just yet. It’s replacing neutrals, it’s creating natural vibes, and it’s in every room of the house.

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