Salmistraro’s Bisanzio

Bringing to mind the Byzantine rule over Sicily, this tile and coffee table collection by Elena Salmistraro for Lithea offers old world elegance and an appreciation for material.


The names of each coffee table have been selected to pay homage to two individuals who helped to conquer the small island – generals Maniace and Calafato – whilst the wall decors, and tiles (Byzas, Hagia, and Sikelia) are named for other iconic references.

Byzas makes reference to the son of Poseidon who founded ancient Byzantium, Hagia was selected as the “the literal translation of the word Saint which reminds us of Hagia Sophia, the symbol par excellence of the Byzantine culture”, and Sikelia is the Greek name for Sicily.

Each tile is crafted from different materials, creating varied, enigmatic aesthetics that intrigue and delight. Byzas (300 by 80mm) mixes a bas-relief in bianco carrara marble with hexagonal decors in polished pink marble, a rhombus in pietra pece, and strips of satin finish copper.


Hagia (300 by 120mm) is formed in pietra pece and bianco fenice stone with circles of pink marble and rectangles in azul macuaba. Again copper strips offer the finishing touch.


Sikelia (140 by 140mm) mixes a bas-relief in calacatta marble with circles in verde alpi marble and copper triangles. The coffee tables follow on thematically with decorative panels in similar style to the tiles.

Elena Salmistraro

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