Recuper Ando Tile

Reclaiming Italy’s Finest

Reclaimed tiles are big news – they’re eco-friendly, carry a wealth of historic charm, and can suit any number of favoured contemporary interior styles from desert modern to farmhouse chic. There are countless companies offering a rich portfolio of salvaged vintage tiles (including some we have already covered such as Maitland & Poate, Bert & May, and The Antique Floor Company) and today we’re sharing another.

Recuperando is an Italian specialist in all things recovered, from sinks to sculptures and from fireplaces to furnishings. Top of our list is, of course, their collection of over 500 antique tile models sourced from Naples and Sicily.

There are some truly fabulous findings to be had here, especially in their Parquet Tile imitation collections. These faux wood designs offer up an imitation like no other, with artistic impressions, cartoonish style, and the incredible charm of their handmade details.

Other reclaimed designs are easily recognisable as inspirations behind tile collections from recent years, such as Sartoria‘s Mar collection which features direct matches for some of Recuperando’s majolica tiles.

A range of liberty tiles and Delft tiles, and a large number of vintage designs and colourways make up the rest of Recuperando’s quality collections. Replica tiles, Moroccan tiles, cement tiles, and more are also available newly crafted from the company.


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