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Trending Bathroom Colours

Better Homes & Gardens have curated a list of five trending colours for the bathroom so we’ve collected some interior inspo to match.

1. Warm Earth Tones

A love for natural and organic materials, retro styling, and comforting spaces have brought warm earth tones to the top of interior colour trends. Rich ochres, burnt orange, woods, stone, terracotta, and softer shades like taupe and cream mix and match for maximum comfort.

2. Soothing Greens

The new favourite neutral, green has been big news in interior design for the last few years. Adding freshness and a relaxed atmosphere, sage, moss, and light minty pastels are perfect for any room in the house, especially the bathroom.

3. Soft Blues

An ever popular colour choice, the calming effect of blue is never out of fashion. Promote peace and wellness in the bathroom with powder, baby, and sky blues .

4. Bold Black and Charcoal

This dramatic colour choice adds immediate luxury and creates an effortlessly modern look. Soften the look with shades of grey or opt for the ultimate contrast of black and white.

5. Luxurious Jewel Tones

Rich, powerful shades of jade, emerald, ruby, and sapphire offer up intensity and pair beautifully with metal faucets and fittings. Give your bathroom the royal treatment with deep pigments and saturated shades.

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