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Cyberspace Curiosities VIII

Our August Curiosities might be our best yet!

1) Greek Vase

Decorate your walls with everlasting flowers in textured vases with this collection from Original Style. Add one or many for a unique feature wall and add or leave flowers as you desire.

2) Frea

This range from Milagros offers up gorgeous, colourful zig zags and geometric paterns in a range of vibrant shades. Each tile is handmade from cement, and incredibly eyecatching.

3) Dog Paw & Chicken Foot

Add adorable details to you interior with these paw print textured tiles from Clay Imports.

4) Louis & Ella 2.0

From German company Steuler-Fliesen comes an adorable story of a giraffe and a zebra. With a base of grasslands and neck as long you choose, this playful series is a kid’s book for the wal.

5) Tartarue XL

These wonderful turtle tiles designed by Paulo Vale demonstrate how a simple shape can offer oodles of character. After New Terracotta shared these images on their Instagram, it immediately became one of our all-time favourites.

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