Five tiles made with LAVA

We love a unique glaze, and if there’s one that gets the mind tingling with magic – it’s lava. Wildly unpredictable but ultimately beautiful, these five tiles show just how miraculous a lava glaze can be.

1) ExCinere from Formatantasma and Dzek

Created from the collaboration between Formafantasma and Dzek, ExCinere are glazed in lava ash from Mount Etna in a process that took “three years of exploding, imploding, cracking and caving.” The result are five rich, cosy earth tones from mustard to chocolate, available in two formats. Read more about them here.

2) Tiles from Made a Mano

Danish Tile and Stone company Made a Mano craft their tiles from the lava stone of Mount Etna, drawn to the stone’s durability and versatile features. Their gorgeous glazes decorate each lava stone tile in a range of colours from soft pink to petrol green, and even a very metallic shades. Read more about them here.

3) Tiles from NineFifty

Also utilising lava stone from Mount Etna, eco-conscious company NineFifty began their tile journey with a desire preserve and reinvent the ancient production methods of Sicily whilst respecting the land and the resources it provides. Their fabulous lead-free paints and glazes create all of their unusual, unique tile designs full of character and style. Read more about them here.

4) Tiles from Le Nid

A fourth company making use of Mount Etna’s rich abundance of lava stone is local artisan studio Le Nid. Using traditional techniques, the collected volcanic rock is transformed into decorated tiles for use throughout the home. Read more about them here.

5) Tiles by Faye Toogood

Made in collaboration with Made a Mano, Faye Toogood‘s tiles offer up a variety of formats, with patterns made across the surface in contrasting gloss and matte glazes. Bold, bright reds, deep greys, and delicate neutrals showcase the variation found within lava stone, and with textural delights and shade fluctuation, these tiles tell a story about the material that makes them. Read more about them here.

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