The Current Constellation of Cosmic Clouds

The ceramic creatives at Clay Squared have released a new set of Cosmic Cloud tiles, each more wonderfully otherwordly than the next.

Opting to open the task of naming the tiles to their Instagram followers, the resulting names create an intergalactic drama. Mixing star clusters, gemstones, galaxies, and astronomical features, Clay Squared’s new Cosmic Cloud tiles offer up bubbles, bursts, and swirling colours intermingling in unique patterns.

In a bounty of blues sits Polaris, Cassiopeia, and Peridot, richly red is Seven Sisters (Pleiades), and with a puff of purple is Dark Stardust, all living happily amongst the original Cosmic Clouds Venus Lake, Gaia Flare, and Cloud Moon.

Clay Squared

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, January 2023.

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