Top 10 tiles from our last Cevisama

Cevisama is coming up, and after three long years I will finally be returning to the long halls lined with wonderful tiles and ceramic creations. To get in the mood, I’ve been revisiting findings from previous Cevisamas and have curated a mini list of the best.

1) Veneto‘s Patchwork Rug

This patchwork of patterned rugs stitched together with glittery ‘thread’ creates a unique tile experience. With plenty of texture, colour, and motifs, these tiles take mix and match to another level.

2) Da Vinci‘s movie tiles

Beatrix Kiddo, Indiana Jones, and Yoda greeted us (in tile form) at Da Vinci‘s display. Matching each character aesthetics with tile ranges, we find the Wakame and Magma ranges and vibrant yellow subway tiles.

3) Life Ceramica‘s 20s/30s tiles

Mixing up a little Art Deco and elements of De Stijl, these colourful tiles from Life Ceramica blend the decades with art styles and a post-war palette.

4) Groovy from Rocersa

Taking some tentative steps towards the trending 70s aesthetic, these Groovy tiles from Rocersa mixed earthy tones with funky patterns in a perfectly playful patchwork.

5) 2πround from Cicogres

Wonderful rounds of weave-look tiles made a memorable, and fabulous feature from Cicogres.

6) Lirika from Arklam

As a big coloured grout fan, this collection from Arklam was something special. Adding a rim of colour around each textured metro tile offers the perfect hint of Yellow, Rose, and Blue, ideal for pairing with matching grout.

7) Aluminium mosaic tiles from Inkoart

These metallic marvels from Inkoart were not to be missed. Brushed metal and beautiful mosaic shapes made these tiles a feature like no other.

8) CE Fresh from Rocersa

Amongst the mass of vintage designs were these unusual decors from Rocersa. Retro bottle caps for cola, juice, and other beverages offered up decades old charm, perfect for a cafe, kitchen, or diner.

9) Yosemite from Monopole

Wood-look tiles are one of the many marvels of ceramics, but these old-school designs offer the added detail of antique iron nails to complete the age-old aesthetic.

10) Astoria from Mainzu

In 2020 it was all about the 20s. Marble, metallics, and Art Deco designs were everywhere, including the delightful Astoria from Mainzu.

Next week we’ll be at Cevisama but will be back the following week with lots of Cevisama content!


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