Tin Tiles and Metallics

Today’s mini-trend duo keeps a little of that 20s glamour alive – offering up chic metallics in glorious gold and gun metal – and highlights our beloved, underappreciated tin-effect tiles.

Amongst their Kintsugi-effect tiles, Aparici‘s Basi decors blended the beauty of aged metal with the intricate detail of tin tiles. In green, blue, and white, these 3D relief decors offer up old world charm with 24 distinct faces designed to add realism to the aged effect.

Mainzu‘s Metal Tiles keep it classic with a range of textured metal-look tiles in a variety of 3D reliefs. In Bronze, Copper, Silver, and Gold, Metal Tiles offer opportunities to mix and match and blend their Relief tiles with their Decors and flat metallic-effects.

Apavisa‘s Zinc Silver porcelain tiles offer up the irregular, worn surface of aged metal highlighted with a wonderful glaze designed to imitate the various stages of copper’s oxidation. Layers of detail in each hexagonal tile create an uncanny dupe for tin, even up close, with various decor designs to mix and match.

The glistening craquelle gold of Da Vinci‘s Balance tiles bring a touch of drama to their organic, handcrafted look. Featured amongst the softer shades that make up the majority of the Balance range, their Gold variation takes these simple tiles one fabulous step up.

Similarly, Da Vinci‘s Prime collection features a range of metallic decors amongst a number of gentle, watercolour-effect hexagonal tiles. Three types of decor (Circulos, Marco, and Vulcano) provide countless design possibilities for vintage interiors, artistic layouts, or modern minimalism.

This enormous collection from Vives offered a huge amount of designs, variations, colours, and combinations. Filippo Soul also included countless metallic decors in the form of the wavy Garland Oro and Mitra Oro, the spiky Grinyon Oro, the crown-like Blason Oro, the checkerboard Sancy Oro, and the interlocking Tiara Oro, all paired with the pretty pastels that make up the rest of the collection.

Apavisa‘s wonderfully textured Elements tiles create an intriguingly reflective feature with irregular bumps and ridges that reflect light and direct it in all manner of ways.

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