Inlaid Marble and Pebblish

Getting creative with natural stone, today’s Cevisama mini-trend duo is the intricate Inlaid Marble and playful Pebblish. Crafting beautifully decorative design from marble or other stone-effect tiles, Inlaid Marble offers up timeless elegance whilst Pebblish plays around with organic forms and imitation mosaics for detail without the drama.

Taking inspiration from Art Deco, classical art, and sleek minimalism, Anatolia‘s Utopio Artistry Mosaics range is an incredible display of natural stone mastery. In 14 different patterns, these mosaic designs demonstrate the possibilities and detail achievable when blending various stones and shades with sharp lines and an artistic flair.

Creating a similar effect on tile are the Sunderland Lappato tiles from Aparici which imitate the inlaid look in a variety of colour tones and pattern designs.

A much more simple approach was taken by Ceracasa with their Venezia Bianco Gloss tiles and by Mykonos with their Padova tiles, both of which take the geometric route, allowing straight lines to do the talking, with minimal variation across the stone-effects.

To begin our look at the Pebblish tiles on offer we have Salerno from Vives. These irregular, curved edge hexagonal tiles create a fabulous feature of their stone-effect texture, with the curving lines imitating stepping stones whilst the hexagonal shape maintains order.

In an entirely different vein, Bel Historic from Revoir Paris gives us ready made mosaic decors for mixing and matching or forming statement flooring.

Alongside their Inlaid Marble, Anatolia‘s Utopia collection also gave us a little Pebblish piece with their mosaic grout-lined tiles below. And finally APE‘s Anda Cream Mix presents paving with wonky grout lines and a few irregular slab shapes.

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