The Trending Tones of 2023

I dedicated January to the Colours of the Year various companies have selected for 2023. If you missed it, click on the Pinks, Greens, Earth Tones, or Everything Else to check it out. And as many Colours of the Year as there may be, they don’t cover every trend coming our way, so here is my take on the trending tones of 2023.

Aesthetic Fungi

Beyond stone shades, terracotta, and mocha lives the earth tone family’s newest addition – aesthetic fungi. Creamy neutrals, earth-kissed pastels, and muted pigments make up a curated take on marvellous, magical mushrooms. So here’s to soft ochre, delicate lavender, rosy pinks, and milky coffee tones incoming.

70s Funk

The 70s are not going anywhere, so obviously burnt orange is still big. As people get more comfortable leaning fully into the retro look, I’m expecting to see plenty more from this groovy decade – think avocado, deep purple, harvest gold, and chocolate brown.

Green is Queen

Everybody loves green these days. Whether they show it through their use of potted plants, if it reminds them of the great outdoors, or simply because it’s beautiful, green is queen, and will be keeping her crown all through 2023. We’re not picky here, it could be olive, moss, sage, or even lime.

Delicious Citrus

Getting bold with intense shades of yellow and orange is likely to give a tasty citrus twist to interiors throughout the design world. Adding fun, flavour, and vibrant contrast, getting inspo from lemons and grapefruit is the way to go this year.

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, April 2023.

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