Frogs, Ants, and Lobsters

For our most recent instalment of Cyberspace Curiosities, we included the wonderful Passion Flower tiles from Architect and Designer Jeff Shelton. But we couldn’t help but notice the many other awesome tiles in his collection. So today is dedicated to sharing these incredible creations.

Designed to be laid in any direction, Shelton’s tiles are made with asymmetry in mind, allowing a massive amount of variation throughout different installations. His soft surreal style creates curvaceous shapes and stylised cartoons of plants and animals with each playful illustration offering something entirely unique.

These wildly whimsical designs are presented in a huge variety of colours, with at least 15 iterations of each tile shown online. Almost any colour imaginable is included, leaning towards a muted palette but not not skimping on the intensity of the pigment. A level of symmetry is included throughout the designs, ensuring a smooth, continuous motif when the tiles are laid side by side, whilst maintaining the fun, joyful essence that exudes from each lobster, frog, fish, and dandelion.

It’s impossible to pick favourites so I’ve done my best to show you just some of his wonderful work. If you’re looking for more head over to his website, or to Villa Lagoon Tile where his tiles are for sale.

Jeff Shelton
Villa Lagoon Tile

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