Toni Darling Frank

You’ve got to be quick to get these tiles. With over 50k followers on Instagram and only a few sporadic product drops a year, Toni Darling Frank‘s ceramic creations are a hot commodity.

Each handmade, hand-painted piece is decorated in Frank’s distinctive wibbly wobbly style, mixing checks, florals, and animals with a playfully naΓ―ve soul. With homeware items such as mugs, candlesticks, and vases, as well as adorable earrings and, of course, tiles, these striking, colourful, and functional artworks can be enjoyed on a variety of different canvases.

Though based in Toronto, Frank offers worldwide shipping for anyone lucky enough to purchase these wonderful tiles.

Toni Darling Frank

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, June 2023.

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