Cyberspace Curiosities XI

For any new readers, our Cyberspace Curiosities series collects five of the most weird and wonderful tile collections we’ve found across the internet and puts them all right here for you to enjoy. And this is our eleventh instalment, so let’s take a look!

1) Pampa

Designed by Italian company Ceramiche Caesar, these decor tiles come from a wide range of Deco Solutions, each featuring wallpaper style large format tiles in a variety of patterns. But for us it’s all about Pampa, a simple, elegant depiction of pampas grass that stands at a giant 1,200mm by 2,780mm.

2) Passion Flower

Created by architect Jeff Shelton for the Oak Tree House, these colourful tiles offer up funky floral vibes full of colour. The central Passion Flower has been restyled in a range of colour ways to produce a fabulous collection full of joy.

3) Modern Kulture

These designs come from Von Glitschka of Glitschka Studios. Relatively new tile creations, these artworks from Glitschka’s Modern Kulture series are being transformed into ceramic marvels by Vugwill in Azerbaijan. There are over 300 designs in the series and I’m unsure how many will be come tile, but here are a few of the prototypes.

4) Kawah

Incredible glaze effects contrasting golden orange and oceanic blues decorate these gorgeous tiles from Rookwood. They describe Kawah best themselves “the copper crackle base of this show-stopping glaze features a hint of burnt orange that plays happily with the organically formed midnight teal crystal blooms on its surface.”

5) Convergence

The wonderfully unique wood-effect of this glass mosaic wall tile collection from Crossville Inc stands out as an awesome cartoonish curiosity. In red (Currant), blue (Indigo), purple (Orchid), teal (Peacock), and various neutrals (Chardonnay, Pearl, Pigeon, and Sepia), wood-effect cross sections create delightful decor.

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, May 2023.

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