Five Gorgeous Green Exteriors

The colour green speaks to a space deep inside us that yearns for nature and the great outdoors. These days this need seems ever more pressing as natural landscapes are interrupted and the climate is changing life as we know it. And what more modern way to cope with this instinctual desire than to recreate nature with architecture? Here’s some gorgeous green to get us through…

1) The Intertwine House in Yangqing, China

A light, pastel green sits delicately amongst the red brick homes that border the Intertwine House on all sides. Designed by Wonder Architects, this playful shade flows throughout the house, nodding to its traditional surroundings and mingling amongst the neighbouring bricks, marrying new with old. Read more about it here.

2) Schuppen in Berlin, Germany

A speckled ombre facade decorates the exterior of this family home in Berlin. Designed by Brandt + Simon Architekten, the multi-tonal greens imitate the shading and leaves of the surrounding trees, allowing the building to blend into the fabric of the neighbourhood. Read more about it here.

3) Monteparís Mayores in Madrid, Spain

Capping the new Monteparís Mayores, a vibrant, curving hat in lime adds joy, delight, and a touch of texture. Designed by architects José Ángel Medina and Ignacio de Rojas Sánchez, approximately 8,990 individual tiles manufactured by Tempio create the striking final touch to the building. Read more about it here.

4) Home Studio in London, England

Creating the most stylish studio, architect Timothy Robinson makes the most of terrazzo, coating the exterior in a delightfully speckled deep green with dual texture that adds depth and detail. Read more about it here.

5) Maison Jericho in Marseille, France

Connecting an outbuilding with a stunning 20th century stone house, Olivia Fauvelle Architecture designed a ‘seamless’ bond that doesn’t distract from the whitewashed walls. Lined with dark green bejmat style tiles, this external corridor blends into the outdoors, changing with the light and language of the seasons.

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