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Unusual swirls, streaks, and specks bespatter the surface of Ceramica Fioranese‘s I Variegati collection. Inspired by Italian variegated terracotta, I Variegati translates the skilful work of Lombardia craftsmen with the precise hand of technology.

The resulting surface brings the best of both industry and the artisanal hand, offering up a delightfully rippled design as delicious as freshly churned ice cream.

Six neutrals and earth tones (Avorio, Cipria, Cenere, Cotto, Argilla, and Pece) offer up gentle variety whilst two surface effects (one more subtle, and the other intensely wavy like poured cement) provide contrast and a dramatic personality shift.

The tiles are available in various formats including 900 by 900m, 604 by 1,208mm, and picket shapes for added detail.

Ceramica Fioranese

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