Cersaie Curiosities III

Today’s Curiosities feature some of my favourite finds throughout Cersaie. We’re talking curious wallpaper, stained glass, stacked stone, and a gorgeous use of texture.

1) Ibiza

Dreamtile‘s duo in Green and Blue, Ibiza’s incredible cracked elephant skin texture featuring glaze deep in the crevices is coupled with less intensely rough surfaces and designs, creating a dynamic patchwork full of intrigue.

2) Astronomy

I love a weird wallpaper effect and APE‘s Astronomy was certainly one that took it’s own path. Featuring old-school instruction manual images and engineer drawings, Astronomy offers decoration with a side of education.

3) New Archi

In a selection of gorgeous colours, including rose pink and rich ochre, Trame di Pietra‘s New Archi tiles provide a touch of old world charm with their stacked stone arch details but do so in a highly modern and versatile way.

4) Palm Caribbean

Like large fronds of woven palm, Porcelanosa‘s Palm Caribbean tiles were a spectacular sight. Uniquely detailed relief of both the palm and the plaits made for a highly realistic finish.

5) Cattedrale

One of the showstoppers of Cersaie, De Maio‘s Cattedrale collection offered up the beauty of stained glass in a selection of inviting pastels. Brush marks and subtle imperfections added to its charms whilst the full scale display brought both drama and calm.

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, November 2023.

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