Cersaie Curiosities IV

Our penultimate Curiosities collection comes today with a hint of glitter, a touch of hand-painted charm, and a dip under the sea.

1) Camelot

Taking a touch of inspiration from 12th century design, Graniser‘s Camelot tiles present a repeat pattern in blue and red, with a playful dash of glitter featuring in the coloured glaze.

2) Tresor De La Mer

Standing out amongst the cold natural stone and monochromatic colourway, Versace‘s Tresor De La Mer tiles took up briefly under the sea, displaying numerous starfish with 3D relief.

3) Neo

In 2020 we posted about all the panelling we saw at Cevisama but there was only one design at Cersaie. Vallelunga‘s Neo brought together the classic elegance of panelled walls and the playfulness of wallpaper in a pair of delightful colours.

4) Mattonella

On the flip side of Porcelanosa‘s Palm Caribbean sat the equally as enthralling Mattonella. Alternating rows of layered terracotta tiles create a unique shuttered look, earthy, and textured.

5) Ehon

Another knockout from Cersaie, TN Corporation‘s Ehon tiles feature the fabulously delicate artwork of Mariko Tomita in soft shades of pink, blue, and green, and laid alongside textured treats.

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, November 2023.

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