Cersaie Curiosities

Cardboard, croc skin, jute, and jellyfish, the Cersaie Curiosities begin today with a handful of weird and wonderful designs.

1) Jute Natural

First up and with a nod to the fabric-effect trend, Nitco‘s fibrous design Jute Natural offers up the organic textures of jute in a layered scrappy patchwork complete with weave detail and imperfections.

2) Lagos

Graniser‘s Lagos tiles present a wibbly wobbly pattern in white and grey. Unusual swirls and bobbles repeat randomly for a playful design full of character.

3) Pacific

Bringing a bit of underwater magic to the tile world, HDC‘s Pacific design create decor from the curious world of waves, fish, and jellyfish. Background bubbles, glaze contrasts, and the multi-tonal iniftately repeating waves add depth of detail.

4) Croc skin

I didn’t catch the name of this collection from Imola but it definitely caught my eye. A crocodile skin pattern in gold and teal creates a captivating surface mixing metallic and matt effects.

5) Carton

Corrugated cardboard serves as the inspiration for Aparici‘s Carton collection – a unique pattern imitating torn cardboard and exposed ridges in varying shades of yellow, white, blue, black, and brown.

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, November 2023.

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