Diago Textile 2003

Textile Revisited

Diago Textile 2003
Textile by Diago

Given the impressive display of new textile-effect floor and wall tiles that were the undoubted highlight at Cersaie in 2016, it is interesting to recall that tile designers have travelled down this road before. At Cevisama in 2003, Diago Ceramicas was one of a small number of pioneering manufacturers exploring the tactile possibilities of tile with a textile look.

β€œAlready well known for textured tile ranges such as Cuir and Habitat, Diago has added a new texture in the form of Tex-Tile. This new porcelain floor and wall tile range is inspired by warm textures such as wool. The wall and floor tiles come in four complementary colours: Camel, Tostado, Perla and Marengo. The formats are 316 by 600mm for walls, and 333 by 333mm for floors. Each piece offers a wide range of contrasting tones that contrast, increasing the design possibilities.

Continuing this theme is Boston: a through-bodies porcelain floor tile, again inspired by leather, but this time offering a woven appearance. Its unusual finish gives the sensation of walking on a padded surface. The 333 by 333mm range is offered in four colours: Marfil, Ocre, Tabaco and Moka.”

This item first appeared in Tile UK, Autumn 2003.

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