Pavimento Filtrante

Porous Pavements

I am fascinated by technological advances in the potential applications for ceramic tiles. Some of the tertiary functions of ceramic tiles, beyond aesthetics and waterproofing, are perhaps obvious; such as photocatalytic (air purifying) tiles or hydrophillic (self-cleaning) tiles. Then there are photoluminescent tiles (emergency signage), photovoltaic tiles (electricity generation) and tactile pavements that provide input for individuals with visual impairments.

The quest for new applications for tiles and indeed new types of tiles with different properties, is never-ending. 12 years ago I visited Alicer, the Spanish tile research institute, to check out the institution’s latest investigations into new possibilities for ceramics and, hopefully, discover some of the possible future faces of tiles.

Pavimento Filtrante
Pavimento Filtrante by Alicer

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