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Technical problems prevented any Cevisama postings on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but do not despair.

Peronda's Harmony stand at Cevisama
Peronda’s Harmony stand at Cevisama

Keep following Diary of a Tile Addict and I will share over coming days my personal selection of what was hot at Valencia’s annual ceramic tile showcase.

This year two or three manufacturers really stood out.  In my eyes, in terms of the sheer number of high quality new ranges on display, Peronda was the star of this year’s show.

All four Peronda brands displayed innovation, originality and supreme attention to detail.  Building on its a richly-deserved reputation for flair and precision, Peronda offered many ranges that would have won best in class in their particular design category: be that terrazzo, mosaic, geometric, hydraulic, marble, 3D tiles, coloured and etched wall tiles, dramatic wood-effect floor tiles or masculine cement-effect tiles.  All in all, nearly every one of today’s hottest tile design trends was on display on Peronda’s stand.

This post will look a few of the new ranges from just one of the four Peronda brands: Harmony.

While Peronda’s portfolio is already respected for its originality, Harmony goes a step further. This brand has a trailblazing reputation.  It offers a wide variety of products for surfaces of all kinds – from mosaics to a rich assortment of decorative products, including items made from natural stone – that can bring a distinctive personality to any interior.

The Harmony brand makes a point of working with young, thrusting, designers. Typical is Yonoh: a design studio founded in Valencia in 2006 by Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma.  These two industrial designers work in the fields of product, graphic and interior design, with projects that stand out for their simplicity and functionality.

Lins by Yonoh for Peronda
Lins by Yonoh for Peronda

Lins by Yonoh plays with light, using criss-cross lines to generate visual effects perfect for transforming wall surfaces into dynamic murals whose appearance changes with the movement of light and the position of the viewer in relationship to the tiled space.

Lins leverages the subtlety of lines as opposed to differing levels, with shadow play and volumes generated by precise linear delicacy. At the same time, the collection’s choice of neutral Mediterranean colours reflects its restful spirit.

Argila Pasadena by Peronda
Argila Pasadena by Peronda

Argila Pasadena is, in some ways, a throwback to the heyday of post-war tile manufacture.  This 75 by 300mm rectangular wall tile range combines a hand-crafted appearance with the glossiness typical of a glaze with a mother-of-pearl or aged effect.  Available in a choice of colours, it comes in eight different patterns for greater visual variety.

Thanks to its artisanal charm and the ease with which it can be combined with other materials, Argila Pasadena can be used to dress up all kinds of surfaces.

Medina by Peronda
Medina by Peronda

Also looking forward by looking back, Medina is a hand-crafted tile collection made in Morocco using very traditional clay firing processes. The appearance of each individually-made tile is unique thanks to the glossy mother-of-pearl glazes that evidence a high degree of shade variation.

Maison by Onset for Peronda
Maison by Onset for Peronda

Maison by Onset is Harmony’s new vintage range, designed by well-known furniture and interior design studio Francisco Segarra.

Maison by Onset brings a chic design appeal to industrial and vintage looks, A porcelain tile range, it transforms aged-effect ceramic tiles into high-end design tools. Sold by the square metre, the range’s white field tiles have a care-worn charm.

The field tiles can be combined with geometrically-patterned decors featuring the same white background and triangles, circles or squares. By mixing and matching the different shapes, simple yet innovative new design effects can be achieved.


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