Cubic Jeans

Cubic Jeans by Eliane

Eliane has been one of Brazil’s most innovative and commercially-successful tile manufacturers for decades, and so was one of my first stops at Revestir this year.

Later, I will be blogging about the new Aga Collection, designed by Alex Hanazani, but here I will highlight the Cubic Jeans range.  This wall tile combines three trends in one tile design: 3D relief surfaces, textile-effects, and glittery/glimmering/ultra-glossy glazes.

With a delicate touch of pearly dots on a smooth finish, Cubic Jeans features a striking optical effect that is enhanced by both artificial or natural lighting.  The denim blue tones of the pointilist fabric-effect creates a cool contemporary look: interior fashion on the Brazilian tile catwalk.

Eliane: Same 3D form in plain colours

The same 3D form, without the Jeans colour or the  shimmering dots, is also available as a matt wall tile in back and white.

A new post by Joe Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, March 2017

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