Padded Perfection

Senhor das Pedras
Stunning concrete cushion-form design by Senhor das Pedras

I’ve long been a sucker for the ‘padded cell’ look, but the example displayed at Revestir by Senhor das Pedras is the finest I have ever seen.  This panel was, in my opinion, the star exhibit at the Sao Paulo show.

Senhor das Pedras
Senhor das Pedras (detail)

Formed from moulded ultra-fine grained concrete, it has a beautifully soft cushion face with a satin sheen.  Despite appearances, this is how the concrete looks when it comes out of the mould … there is no polishing involved.

It was just one of a great collection of concrete tiles on the stand, including hexagons with circular indents, a Fiore geometric flower motif, dramatic deeply-eteched wood-effects and Atermica, a special range of tiles ideal for external use in hot climates that are manufactured with a special concrete that limits solar gain.

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