Camada Fendi by Ceusa

Random Revestir

Camada Fendi by Ceusa
Camada Fendi by Ceusa (437 by 631mm)

Wandering the aisles of Revestir in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this week, iPhone in hand, here are just a few of the tile designs that caught my eye.

Manila by Porcelanosa
Leaf-embossed Manila deco blanco by Porcelanosa (316 by 900mm)

I will be providing detailed product descriptions, range details, technical specifications and company contacts in future editions of both Tile & Stone Journal ( for the UK and Irish markets; and Tile Today ( or for the Australian market.

Paris by Pamesa
Paris range by Pamesa
Travertine by Tessela
22 carat gold-coated travertine by Tessela
Lurca Azulejos
Range of simple Portuguese-style designs by Lurca Azulejos
Alva and Teja by Lurca
New Alva and Teja ranges by Lurca Azulejos
Mira and
New Mira and Alena ranges by Lurca Azulejos

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