Mission Accomplished

Archetype by Bellavita Tile
Archetype by Bellavita Tile

The first thing you learn as a journalist is, unfortunately, deep scepticism.  And, if there is one thing certain to trigger the sceptic in any B2B journalist it is, surely, a mission statement.   By turns bland, boring, unintelligible, pompous, achingly politically correct or corporate clones, very few, it seems to me, provide much insight into a company.  So, it is a rare and pleasant surprise when you come across a mission statement that really captures the ethos of a particular company, and provides a deep understanding of just why they stand out from the crowd.

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2 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished

  1. Probably the nicest writeup I have ever seen Joe. Distinctly honoured to be called a friend and happy you found some value in what we do here.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Bologna this fall!

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