Varied Vernís

We’re not finished with Cevisama just yet. There is still one special collection to share – the plentiful, stylish, and disparate designs presented at the stand of glaze, colour, and printing specialist Vernís.

Velvet from Vernis

Much like in Apavisa‘s Fluid, watermarbling is a feature of Vernís’ Lycuit. The curvy organic waves decorate the tiles in brown earth tones, and are highlighted with glaze on pale neutrals.

Lycuit from Vernis tile trend 2020
Lycuit from Vernis

Kahlo utlises brown neutrals for a textural mix-and-match that showcases imprints of varying depth and design. Similarly Velvet presented a range of reliefs, highlighted with glazes and patterns in dusky pastels.

Motif variation played a large part in the presentation of Barnett, an abstract decorative mix-and-match selection in greys and blues, and Sciron, grey stone-looks with gloss patterned decors.

Elongated hexagons added visual variation to Blaise, aged metro tiles with decors in blue and neutral shades, and Esmerald, large format tiles featuring patchwork-look decors that combine geometrics, Art Deco, and block textured colour.

Moon offered black and greyscale randomised circular and rounded rectile patterns and lasty Hammam presented interesting and simple white tiles with an old-world feel and abstract shapes and figures in black.

Moon from Vernis
Hammam from Vernis tile trend 2020
Hammam from Vernis

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