A selection of genuine Antique Terracotta floor from Lapicida.

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It always sets off Tile Addict’s trend alert when an ultra-cool retailer, such as Lapicida, sends in a release on a particular product type.   When I received Lapicida’s info on antique terracotta, the alarm rang particularly loud because this has been a trend that has been bubbling under for the past couple of years in the mainstream tile market.  Of course, Lapicida is talking about the real thing; and thus the top end of the market.  However, if premium retailers are experiencing growing demand for genuine antique terracotta, it will only spur manufacturers on to produce better and better reproductions, using the latest digital decorating techniques, advanced glazes and sophisticated moulds to replicate the patina, texture and care-worn looks of genuine reclaimed materials.  So Tile Addict is expecting to see many more antique terracotta effects at Cersaie in September.

A genuine Antique Terracotta floor from Lapicida
A genuine Antique Terracotta floor from Lapicida

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