Re-purposed Roof Tiles

Sample tiles from Serbia's Terracotta Flooring
Sample tiles from Serbia’s Terracotta Flooring

This post has more than a hint of romance and mystery, and a strong sense of history.  My conversations on LinkedIn led me to Ljubica Gojkovic and her Belgrade-based company Terracotta Flooring.

The cutting line at Terracotta Flooring
The cutting line at Terracotta Flooring

I loved the tale she had to tell.  In short Terracotta Flooring is one of the largest suppliers of reclaimed terracotta tiles and reclaimed brick flooring, salvaged from structures built during the heyday of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  The 100 to 250 year old roof tiles are carefully refinished by hand for interior or exterior flooring applications. The production process includes cutting, burring the edges to prevent sharp edges, water-pressure cleaning, sand blasting, polishing, sanding, cleaning and air blowing; all prior to stacking and packing.

Sandblasting the tiles
Sandblasting the tiles

This painstaking hand-finishing results in a portfolio of alluring floor tiles that will captivate anyone looking for an authentic character and unique texture for their floor. The tiles have an incredible colour range, from dark red and pink through to peach and ochre. Each tile is painstakingly cleaned by hand. The most popular shapes are rectangles, hexagons, parquet (elongated rectangle) and squares. Like all reclaimed materials individual tiles can vary subtly in size and colour.

Parquet format terracotta tiles
Parquet format terracotta tiles

If you would like to know more about Terracotta Flooring, then there will be an extensive profile in the September 2017 edition of Tile & Stone Journal.  This will go live online at in the next few weeks.

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