Shades Of Sophistication

Shades by Ceramiche Piemme

As promised, here is my other can’t-forget design from Cersaie 2018: Shades by Ceramiche Piemme.  Fellow Tile Addicts may already be familiar with this range, but  I think it pretty much sums up where wall tile design stands in 2018.  The colours are absolutely of the moment.  The formats (large and small) cover today’s spectrum of choice.  The design itself is evocative, fluid, and dramatic.  And Piemme’s Cersaie display did the range proud and really grabbed the attention of passers by.

Shades by Ceramiche Piemme
Shades wash dusk 300 by 600mm by Ceramiche Piemme

Designer Gordon Guillaumier drew his inspiration for Shades from classic hand-decorated majolica.  The tiles realistically replicate the delicate and imperfect marks left by the designer’s brush strokes; while the colours overlap to create unique shades that mix and match with the five basic cement-effect tones.

There are four types of decorations; each one available in five different nuances varying from dark to light blue (again totally on trend), through white and gold, to aviation blue: delivering shifting colours typical of the watercolour technique.

Shades by Ceramiche Piemme
Shades wash dusk 300 by 600mm by Ceramiche Piemme

Modernity and tradition also meet in the choice of formats, where Ceramiche Piemme has combined modern 600 by 600mm and 600 by 1,200mm XXL slabs with decorated hexagonal tiles reminiscent of traditional ceiling tiles, and smaller sizes (200 by 200mm) used in the traditional majolica.

I love it!

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