Allergy Allies

Since 2004 Tiziana Colombo has been attempting to educate about food allergies and developing a raft of recipes with those allergies in mind. Taking this a step further, Colombo sought to create a cookery school, enabling people to learn how to cook delicious food for those intolerant to a range of ingredients, such as shellfish, dairy, eggs, and legumes.

Neolith TheSize marble worktop food intolerances
Tiziana Colombo

To set the tone of the classes Colombo sought to recreate a domestic kitchen, but focusing less on traditional elements and instead designing a modern space, decorated in neutrals and kitted out with the latest mod-cons. Due to the nature of the classes, the space had to be planned with hygiene in mind, making it easy to maintain the cleanliness needed to ensure no cross-contamination. Being a teaching environment, the cooking surfaces would also have to be resistant to knife work and high temperatures.

On a chance visit to an old friend’s house Colombo was struck by the marble detailed surfaces used in the kitchen. It was then she knew Neolith was the right choice to kit out the school. When the company heard of the project they were keen to help, taking it as an opportunity to give back to society.

The worktops were designed to be slightly larger than they would be for a regular kitchen due to demonstrations and teaching. The white and grey slabs of Calacatta C01 silk were chosen to dominate the kitchens surfaces, and Neolith was also specified for the windowsills and doorsteps.

Joining together the tops and sides of the demonstration bench was one of the challenges faced in the project. But a local fabricator, and Neolith expert, polished the job off seamlessly. The whole space is effortlessly stylish, sterile but not dull. The design from the worktops to the walls is flawless and will be a wonderful place to work and learn.


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