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Capturing Cevisama

Now that Cevisama is over, we will be bringing you our take on the show. We were on the look out for expected trends, delightful designs, and Tile Addict favourites- and we weren’t disappointed. We’ll offer a little more detail in the coming weeks about what we loved, what we saw a lot of, and what surprised us, but for now here is a quick overview.

It’s the 20s
Welcoming the new decade was a raft of 20s themed designs and stands. The Great Gatsby proved an iconic beacon of inspiration with gold and blacks, art deco shapes, and muted tones. There was no end to displays featuring one or more of these elements, and this homage to the 1920s provided the show with a very particular glimmer. Full article

art decor tile design astoria mainzu
Astoria by Mainzu (200x200mm)

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