floral tile trend jazz mix cevica fishscale

Capturing Cevisama

Now that Cevisama is over, we will be bringing you our take on the show. We were on the look out for expected trends, delightful designs, and Tile Addict favourites- and we weren’t disappointed. We’ll offer a little more detail in the coming weeks about what we loved, what we saw a lot of, and what surprised us, but for now here is a quick overview.

It’s the 20s
Welcoming the new decade was a raft of 20s themed designs and stands. The Great Gatsby proved an iconic beacon of inspiration with gold and blacks, art deco shapes, and muted tones. There was no end to displays featuring one or more of these elements, and this homage to the 1920s provided the show with a very particular glimmer. Full article

art decor tile design astoria mainzu
Astoria by Mainzu (200x200mm)

Glitter and gold
Continuing the 20s theme was the use of metallic detailing, particularly gold. Used as decorative accents, the gold offered a retro feel as well as a sleek and modern essence of glamour. Although metallics were seen in spades throughout Cersaie, at Cevisama there was a very strong presence of glitter. Providing a delightful eye-catching sparkle, glitter had it’s moment within the decors of quite a few designs. Full article

gold and glitter tiles la platera goldstone
Goldstone by La Platera (350x900mm)

Greys were abundant this year, stand after stand presented a little something grey, or a lot of grey. Grey is either this year’s choice to mimic a tone favoured in the 1920s, or is coincidentally a colour that never really gets old. Full article

grey tiles polaris nordic stn ceramica
Polaris Grey (600X1200mm) and Nordic 01 (200x200mm) by STN Ceramica

We’ve got wood
An exhibition round-up wouldn’t be complete these days without a little look at the new innovations in wood-looks. Thankfully there were some wonderful additions to this ever-improving style that we can’t wait to share. Full article part 1 and part 2

Wood-look tiles by Arcana Ceramica

Floral fun
Last year there was more than enough jungle-print to go around. It was predicted in our trend-report that foliage and flora were set to continue to be big and there was quite a bit of it to be seen. Although there are some remnants of jungle-looks, with tropical flora favoured amongst some, the large leaves were mostly present at the displays in pots, rather than on tiles. The floral patterns instead seemed to err more on the delicate side this year. Full article

floral tile trend jazz mix cevica fishscale
Jazz Mix Deco by Cevica (150x142mm)

There were many more opportunities for trend-spotting and design delight discoveries, stay tuned to see what we found!

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, February 2020.

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