Glitter & Gold

Continuing on from the glitz and glamour of the roaring 20s is a trend we couldn’t help but notice all around Cevisama. Gold was particularly prevalent as were dark and mysterious metallic shades and tin-look tiles, and shiniest of all was the glitter.

Gold grout inserts proved to be a hot decorative feature as we covered in our previous article, like these used alongside Gayafores‘ Canyon, but the metallic inserts didn’t stop there. Dune‘s pale gold scratched hexagonal tiles and Inkoart‘s aluminium mosaics presented additional ways to incorporate metallics en masse. Rich gold was also used as elegant floral decor in a few designs such as Ape‘s Ginko Black Decor Set and Azteca‘s tropical themed Nectar decor from the Nebula range.

A range of tin and metal-look tiles also caught our eye, showcasing brushed metals and faux aged effects. Panel Piedra presented some vintage-style with Panel Blair, a rusted metal-look, and Apavisa‘s range of elegantly decorated hexagonal tin-look tiles included silver and aged copper.

The company also displayed what appeared to be a metallic reptile skin-like surface in a dark gold. Cevica‘s Antic Metal Acero displayed a moody metallic sheen against electric green. Natucer‘s Gamma and Metallo presented textured 3D effect metal-look tiles whilst others took a more organic approach to the metal look, such as Skyline Bronze from Ceramica Rondine.

Glitter was a surprising feature, either alongside metallics, as a design twist, or as a pattern highlight amongst florals. Mainzu‘s Nazari Fortuna and Fortuna Nero added a touch of glitter with a metallic effect, tracing the relief of the tile’s patterns and adding a sparkle to the mix and match range.

Nazari Fortuna and Perla from Mainzu glittler accent tile trend 2020
Nazari Fortuna and Perla from Mainzu
Nazari Fortuna and Perla from Mainzu glittler accent tile trend 2020
Nazari Fortuna Nero from Mainzu

Ape featured a glittery metallic alongside their large white and gold leaf print, highlighting the tips and details. Dec Varsovia from Emigres accented its surface relief with a glittery sheen, creating a magical effect and eye-catching glow.

Bestile‘s Mural Gaudi featured purples, whites, and golds creating a layered look of fragmented glass that catches the light, playing with depth and shade. Nexo lightly teased with a metallic glimmer in a few of their ranges such as Natura and Chroma where it found its place among textured relief decors. Azulev‘s Wallstone Decor Primrose Slimrect stood out as the decorative feature of the quartzite stone-look range with glitter and metallic effects.

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, February 2020.

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