tiles from vernis grey tild trend 2020

Going for Grey

Nobody did grey quite like Azuvi whose entire stand showcased their signature stylish neutrals in range after range of textured grey surfaces such as Montana Grey, Valley Light Grey, and Dexa Dark Grey. But it wasn’t just neutral natural stone looks that Cevisama had in spades as an overwhelming amount of companies presented delightful designs and patchwork patterns in an assortment of styles and a variety of greys.

Some continued the mix and match trend for the decorative elements of their ranges. STN Ceramica presented Evolve which featured Dec Cold to be used alongside Petrol Light, a white body wall tile with a natural stone look. The decors combine light and dark grey stone with geometric patterns, stripes, and faded details. LV Granito‘s Carving combined retro geometric shapes with curved provençal and arabesque details in pale, soft greys and the subtle look of concrete.

Atrivm displayed Cuadrado Milano, a 235 by 235mm format in a variety of simple patterns in shades of cold grey. The visually textured designs help create a soft patchwork look. The company also presented Cuadrado Eiffel, a range with larger designs that has a greater emphasis on curves, giving a bolder appearance despite its subtler shades.

Cuadrado Milano from Atrivm grey tile trend 2020
Cuadrado Milano from Atrivm
Cuadrado Eiffel from Atrivm grey tile trend 2020
Cuadrado Eiffel from Atrivm

Colorker had a few decorative greys on show including Bekko Mix from Memento Silver whose decors are formed by varying shades of grey cement-look, and Drums Mix from Backstage Grey. Drums Mix complements the 3D relief tiles of the range by playing with line and tone, and the occasional subtle pattern.

Gayafores displayed a delightfully delicate range of greys with Delice. These tonally varied pieces are a new take on hydraulic tiles with 26 intricate motifs and shades from grey to almond. Saloni‘s Shiro Memphis plays with terrazzo to create a grey patchwork design with red and green accents. This playfully textured composition adds lightness, colour, and interest alongside Shiro Blanco and Ceniza.

Delice from Gayafores grey tile trend 2020
Delice from Gayafores
Shiro Memphis Iris from Saloni grey tile trend 2020
Shiro Memphis Iris from Saloni

Other companies preferred to present their greys in a more traditional manner, steering clear of the patchwork to showcase the patterns that could be achieved with one tile design. Alaplana‘s Century range was heavy with style, with each design offering character amongst the neutrals. STN Ceramica’s Nordic decor selects greys with a yellow-tinge, creating an almost beige design, and a pattern created to imitate Victorian tiles with a Scandi twist.

Greys were so abundant that there isn’t nearly enough space to cover them all and so here are a quick few additional images of gorgeous gris!

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, February 2020.

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