Wood-look Wonders II

Companies weren’t just mixing medias in their tiles to create incredible surfaces, many played with texture and detail for covering solutions with a difference. Azulindus y Marti showcased 3D relief tiles that had the appearance of square wooden cross-sections in various natural shades. They also added faux age marks on their 125 by 250mm ranges including Sabina, Old Wood, and Decapé, providing a gorgeous well-loved look.

Colorker‘s Tangram utilised texture in an entirely different way with thin wood-look ridges making up geometric patterns. A similar use of slim strips of wood was employed by Emigres. The company’s Linus-Lester range included two 200 by 600mm wood-effect tiles – Lester Roble and Lester Nogal – that have a look similar to that of a bamboo screen and take wood-look tiles in a whole other direction.

Monopole‘s work with wood was hard to miss, with their tiger decor on white planks hanging proud on their stand. But it was their Yosemite range that we found really delightful. A simple selection of neutral planks with subtle surface decor made all the more special by their large hammered-in ‘nails’ at either end provided just the right amount of detail to stand out.

Yosemite from Monopole
Yosemite from Monopole

Codicer‘s Cassis-Sete range in Black/Dark and Blue gave us a mix of aged planks, worn-wood, and paint-effects. They offer a perfect amount of weathering with the beauty that they will fade, scuff, and crack no more. The planks combine perfectly with the black and white/blue and white decors which can be presented in a range of layouts and the result is really rather lovely.

Wood-looks created to be highly decorative with a range of patterns were also numerous. Acuasor’s Dec Lord utilised a variety of colours to produce stylish decor pieces to be used alongside their standard wood-look planks, Vives demonstrated a more simplistic version of this with Belice, and Pavigres recreated a range of parquet patterns in Nordic and Pine.

Wood-effects specifically for walls were also presented by both El Molino and Panel Piedra, both of whom demonstrated pieces with an uncanny resemblance to shutters. El Molino’s Mallorca offered a soft, smooth look and Panel Piedra’s Panel Fenster highlighted the detail of age, texture, and wear.

A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, February 2020.

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