Cevisama Curiosities: Wood

An exhibition round-up wouldn’t be complete without a little look at the wood-effect tiles on offer. Although there were fewer than we’ve seen on previous years at Cevisama, there were still some unique designs worth sharing.

Ceracasa‘s Deco Forest collection features four distinct inlaid wood-effect patterns in a tri-tonal style. Mixing a pale pine, warm honey-toned oak shades, and a darker walnut, Deco Forest plays with contrast and grain for a lovely, layered decor in geometric and curvaceous designs.

Amongst the worn, aged-effect, long, ultra-skinny, wood-effect Yosemite tiles from Da Vinci was a curious patchwork decor that makes a feature of kerf marks, faded paint, and the occasional strip of wallpaper. With angles alternating in a sequence of four across the tiles, a dynamic, intriguing effect is created, well-suited to randomised lay patterns.

New York from Vives has a similar vibe to Zen Wood Wenge Decore from Arklam (that we saw in Cevisama 2020), reversing the roles of wood and stone. Orderly lines of irregular wood-effect squares create a somewhat Pebblish look with mini stepping stones of grained ‘wood’ decorating the surface of a pale cement-effect.

El Molino‘s Sakura goes with with texture with a similar style we saw from Azulindus y Marti in 2020. Like stacked timber, Sakura’s ridged edges of varying depths and grain-effects creates a striking feature that calls out to be touched.

An entirely different take on textured wood comes from Peronda‘s Granier Wall tiles. Evenly spaced ridges flow down wood-effects in Honey, Natural, and Taupe colourways with perfectly matched grain and relief adding intricate detail to each tile.

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