Wood-look Wonders I

A favourite Tile Addict pastime is sniffing out imitation designs taking it to the next level. Even after seeing hundreds of interpretation, wood-looks remain paticularly exciting, and Cevisama didn’t disappoint.

Patchwood Vasari from Mainzu wood look tile 2020
Patchwood Vasari from Mainzu

Combining the wood-looks with other materials appears to be increasingly popular. The freedom provided by ceramics enables wacky, impossible, and delightful designs to be realised and there really seems to be no end to what can be achieved. Nexo‘s mixed media Capri Blue gives the appearance of square tile inlays within wood, but the 200 by 200mm designs actually feature a wood-look elongated hexagon across the diagonal midsection with two tile-look triangles either side. It’s a high effective pattern that offers freedom of layout and slight visual trickery to produce a tile that acts in unexpected ways.

Capri Blue from Nexo wood look tiles 2020
Capri Blue from Nexo

Arklam‘s Joy in hexagonal 230 by 270mm pieces also plays with mixed media. Three different wood tones are combined with white and black marble-looks to create a design that appears to be a tile within a tile within a tile. Similarly Zen Wood Wenge Decore takes a dark wood-look and combines it with various white-marble shapes for a highly decorative piece.

Mainzu‘s Patchwood demonstrated a large variety of intricate wood-look decors from the mix and match Patchwood Mix with four shades, to the ornamental Perugia with its delicate shapes.

Patchwood Gubbio from Mainzu wood look tile 2020
Patchwood Gubbio from Mainzu
Patchwood Vasari from Mainzu wood look tile 2020 wood look tile 2020
Patchwood Urbino from Mainzu

Realonda‘s Urban tiles with their oak and concrete mix were a standout design of the show. The thick veins in curved organic lines combined with the textured and speckled concrete gives a unique appearance. As the name implies, it’s has an urban feel and an undeniable character that catches the eye.

Urban from Realonda wood look tile 2020
Urban from Realonda
Urban from Realonda wood look tile 2020
Urban from Realonda

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