Ike Summer from Codicer 70s retro tile trend 2020

Hot and Cold with 70s Retro

There were a few trends around Cevisama that didn’t make it to the big list, but they’re still worth a mention. Florals didn’t stop at quaint and delicate or bold and tropical, for many companies they simply went hand-in-hand with their retro revival designs. Exaggerated curves and cartoonish shapes paired with earthy browns, yellows, pinks, oranges, greys, and blues to create a 70s style.

CE Fresh from Rocersa retro tile trend 2020
CE Fresh from Rocersa

Nexo‘s Origin has the earthy shades down, mixing browns and yellows for warmth with floral patterns, curved geometrics, and solid-colour ocre tiles. Small touches of metallics and glitter fed Origin into more than one trend.

Origin from Nexo 70s retro tile trend 2020
Origin from Nexo

Codicer‘s Ike Winter and Summer had an undeniably retro feel. Both the blues and neutrals and the bold colourful ranges used iconic patterns and shapes throughout their patchwork designs for a highly effective step back in time.

Ike Summer from Codicer
Ike Summer from Codicer

The 70s retro style didn’t stop at florals with colour ways and shapes popping up in various collections. Itaca especially made use of the rich browns and oranges in their Piaza Yoho 300 by 300mm format with raised central relief, and iconic pyschedelic retro style in their Piaza Bulder.

Rocersa took a more whimsical approach offering retro bottle-cap and number plate decors amongst their designs. The company also designed many ranges in a dichotomous warm/cold colour division. Bellezza, Groovy, Temperanza, Clash, Nomade, and Steel Wood are some of the collections offering just two colourways- warm or cold.

Clash Dec Cold and Warm from Rocersa tile trends 2020
Clash Dec Cold and Warm from Rocersa
Temperanza Warm from Rocersa tile trend 2020
Temperanza Warm from Rocersa
Temperanza Cold from Rocersa tile trend 2020
Temperanza Cold from Rocersa

Various companies also took to this simplified style, including Codicer with Eclipse and Ike, and Vitacer with their Arkko Epoch, Fresh, Icon, and Classic Mix. It’s an effective way to provide two vastly different atmospheres with the same patterns and designs, and simplifies consumer choice in a market where seemingly everything is possible.

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