Karak Collabs

We last covered the creatives at Karak back in 2017, providing their in-depth story, and an insight into their production processes. The Raku revivalists are still going strong, creating custom pieces, and utilising their expertise in developing dynamic and geometric designs created to highlight and magnify the unique finish.



Last year the company experimented with a few firsts, including the creation of custom tiles for a client’s fireplace. Using their KuQua Hex design they inverted the process, ensuring that the rich red covered the entirety of the tile and that the pattern space was left blank in order to eventually become black.


A collaborative project between Karak and Koje, a wood workshop located nearby, resulted in a stunning combination of the two company’s skillsets. Taking Koje’s skill for producing wooden furniture, and Karak’s passion for fire, the decision to ‘burn some beds’ was made. Karak tile designs provided the pattern stencil, which was masterfully incorporated into the bed frame by Koje, and then the entire piece was charburned resulting in an extraordinarily unique item of ‘KaraKoje’ furniture.


KaraKoje bed

In their 2019 round-up Karak also welcomed their newest member of the team Christian ‘Butzi’ Buttazoni, a carpenter and lamp-creator who will bring ever-more expertise to this incredible company.


A new post by Hanna Simpson, Diary of a Tile Addict, March 2020.


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